Saturday, April 4, 2009

The above image was from a wedding Candice and I had the privilege of shooting last summer. Sean and Maura were an awesome couple who we really enjoyed getting to know. The picture was taken just before dark and with the use of carefully positioned lighting equipment we were able to capture Sean and Maura nicely and include a very cool sunset down the lake.

Today I'm going to present the first in a series of photography tips for the bride and groom to consider while they're planning their wedding photography.

Tip #1 - Avoid "Un-captured Moments"

One of the most common questions after the ceremony from family and friends who are going to be included in formal portraits is "Where do we go now?". Does Grandma need to be at the park for pictures? Who is taking her and when is her photo scheduled?

"Un-captured moments" are a direct result of guests not being sure if they are in official photos and where the photos will be taken.

Wyman Gallery works with the bride and groom to pre-coordinate and schedule all photos well in advance of their wedding day. Each bridal couple is given a "Photo Coordination Worksheet" to complete several months before the wedding date. From that information we prepare a Photo Schedule and present it to the bridal couple well before the wedding. We encourage them to pass this information along to all family and friends who are going to be in the formal portraits. This let's everyone know when and where their presence is needed for the wedding pictures.

This detailed preplanning creates a smooth transition from ceremony to photos so the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their day.

Just part of the service we provide in all wedding packages!

Next tip - "The Gown and Other Details....".

Hey everyone, that's it for me today. We'll talk to you soon - Craig

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