Monday, August 3, 2009

As everyone who reads this blog knows, my daughter Candice plays a big part in our wedding shoots. She has a more gritty artistic vision than I do and yesterday we put that vision to the test. Our wedding couple was Lindsey and Cory, two really great people whom I've enjoyed getting to know. They both have several tattoos and wanted a portion of their wedding pictures done in a more gritty urban setting vs. the traditional park, beach, garden area.

I scouted out some possible sites a couple of days prior to the wedding, took shots of those sites and discussed them with Lindsey and Cory. We settled on two downtown locations. From there Candice and I talked about how we would pose and light them.
Here are three more of the images:

I like how these turned out! I think they represent what Lindsey and Cory wanted as part of their wedding album.

We also did the more traditional shots in a garden location near where their ceremony was held. But these, and other images we captured downtown, are going to add some great variety of their wedding albums and prints.

If you're looking for variations in your wedding album, give me or Candice a call and let's discuss the possibilities. We're always interested in new and different photo options.

Hey everyone, that's it for me today. Candice and I are right in the middle of a busy wedding season so posts might not be a regular as I would like. Have a great week we'll talk to you soon - Craig