Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good morning everyone. A fairly short post today to show you another image enhanced through the use of PhotoShop.

I made the original image of model Kaylee yesterday in our studio. We shot it as a plain silhouette, black against a white background. I allowed a small amount of light to fall on Kaylee so there would be some detail in the silhouette and to make the image more interesting.

Here is the original image as shot in the studio:

I think it's an interesting image which would be a nice addition to Kaylee's model portfolio.
If you would like to discuss a model portfolio shoot send us an email or call at 250-212-9581.

We have hair stylists and makeup artists available who work with us on model portfolio's, portraits and weddings.

Hey everyone, that's it for me today. We'll talk to you soon - Craig

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